South Indian Movies on Netflix that you should watch 2021

South Indian Movies

South Indian Movies – The speed with which the South Indian Film Industry of India has proved their acting skills, cinematography, music, direction, and many more across India as well as abroad is no doubt about it. South Film Industries is very small if compared to Bollywood because it is divided into different provinces but … Read more

Memories of Murderer Netflix

Memories of Murderer Netflix

Memories of Murderer Netflix – The Nilsen Tapes is a British crime documentary movie going to release on Netflix in the coming month of August. The documentary is based upon the tape recordings of a serial killer Dennis Nilsen who confessed to the murder of 15 individuals in 1983. The documentary tries to depict the … Read more

Post Mortem Netflix 2021- Trailer Out

Post Mortem Netflix 2021

Post Mortem Netflix 2021– No One dies in Skarnes is a Scandinavian Television series releasing on Netflix in the coming month of August. Netflix describes the series in the caption of its trailer on YouTube as – “Live Hallangen is found dead in Skarnes, but all of the sudden she wakes up on the autopsy … Read more

Army of Thieves Netflix Release Date Trailer Cast Plot

Army of Thieves Netflix

Army of Thieves Netflix is a German Crime movie releasing on Netflix later in the year 2021. Army of Thieves is directed and produced by the celebrated director Zack Snyder. Snyder is known for directing movies like Man of Steel, Justice League, etc. Zack Snyder, earlier this year, directed a movie for Netflix which goes … Read more

Hit and Run Netflix release date, Trailer, Cast, Plot

Hit and Run Netflix release date

Hit and Run Netflix release date confirmed. In this new action thriller on Netflix. The story of Hit and Run begins with a happily married man (Lior Raz) after his wife dies in a mysterious hit and run accident. After the accident of the wife, the beginning of life turns upside down. He tries to … Read more

Witcher Season 2 Netflix release date, trailer, cast, plot

Witcher Season 2

Witcher Season 2 Netflix is a movie adaptation of the polish novel series The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish author. Witcher is a fantasy-action novel incorporating the fierce side of destiny’s play. The novel has a beautiful depiction of carnal romance, outranking the powers, political treachery, falling kingdoms, and a lot more. The story … Read more

Beckett Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

beckett netflix release date

Beckett is an American thriller movie and Beckett Netflix Release Date is August 13, 2021. Beckett is a 108-minute-long movie. The story of Beckett is written by Director Ferdinando Cito himself. Beckett will be starred by actors like John David Washington, Boyd Holbrook, etc. The movie was renamed from Born to Be Murdered to Beckett … Read more

Gone for good Netflix release date, cast, plot, trailer

gone for good netflix

Gone for good is a thriller mystery TV series that will be streaming on the online streaming giant Netflix. Gone for Good Netflix is a series adaptation of novel which goes by the same name Gone for Good written by Harlan Coben. Harlan Coben is an American writer of mystery works which often include resurfacing … Read more

The Harder They Fall Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

The Harder They Fall Netflix

The Harder they Fall is an American Period Film embracing the Western History of America. the film is starred by many renowned actors and actress like Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz etc. the movie displays a deeper insight regarding the bandits of Wild West. Is there any Trailer for The Harder They Fall Netflix No, presently … Read more