Inna Biography

Inna Biography – Inna is a 35-year-old Romanian Singer and Songwriter. Inna was born Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu on 16/10/1986 in Mangalia in Romania. Inna was born to Giorgic Apostoleanu and Maria Apostoleanu. Her father was a Coast Guard and her mother worked as a singer and dancer. Inna mostly sings in the EDM genre.

Inna Personal Details

  • Inna’s Height – 1.63 m or 5 ft 3 in
  • Inna’s Weight – 54 kg or 119 lbs
  • Birthday – 16th October 1986
  • Age – 35
  • Zodiac Sign – Scorpio
  • Gender – Female
  • Nationality – Romanian
  • Inna’s Instagram ID – @inna
  • Twitter Handel – @inna_ro

Inna Education

Inna was born in Mangalia and received her education in the city of Neptun. Inna was a great swimmer back in her school days as her father was a sea rescuer or say a coast guard. She received her elementary education in the Elementary school of Neptun. Later she went to Coleguil Economic for higher studies. Then she transferred to Ovidious University in Constanta to study Political Science.

Inna Career

 Inna at the beginning auditioned for the Romanian band A.S.I.A. but she was rejected several times. When her manager noticed her talent, he contacted the production of Play & Win with whom she established her career. In 2008, she took the stage name, Alessandra. After the release of her hit songs Goodbye and Sorry. She changed her stage name from Alessandra to Inna.

In her career, Inna has released 8 albums and 44 singles. She has sung more than 150 songs in her career from 2008 till now. Her most recognized songs include Cola featuring J Balvin, In Your Eyes feat. Yandel etc.

Inna debuted with the song Boom Boom in the year 2008 alongside Brian Cross.  

Inna’s most famous single is Yalla was released in 2016.

Inna’s latest song is UP feat. Sean Paul is back in the month of December 2021.

Inna Personnel Life

Inna firstly dated her manager Lucian Stefan till 2013, Lucian helped her to reach the Play and Win band. And encouraged her to pursue her musical career.

In 2013, Lucian and Inna broke their 10 year-long relationships. And Inna started to date an American Photographer John Perez.

Lately, in 2020, Inna started to date Romanian rapper Deliric.

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Frequently asked Questions – Inna Biography

Inna is a popular artist. Inna gained popularity after the hit song “In your eyes” feat. Yandel. Since then, she has sung many chartbuster songs and she is a popular name in the Music Industry. Inna has sung songs in many different languages like Romanian, English, Spanish, etc.

Is Inna Spanish?

No, Inna is not Spanish, Inna was born in Romania making her a Romanian. Inna has sung many titles in Spanish.

What language does Inna sing?

Inna has sung in many languages. Inna can be seen singing in English, Romanian, Spanish, French, etc.

How old is Inna?

 Currently, by February 2022 Inna is 35 years old. Inna was born on 16th October 1986.

How old is Elvana?

Currently, by February 2022 Inna is 35 years old. Inna was born on 16th October 1986.

Is Inna Arabic?

No, Inna is not Arabic, Inna was born in Romania making her a Romanian. Inna has sung in Arabic in the song “Yalla” one of the biggest hits.

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