Lauren Ridloff Biography

Lauren Ridloff Biography – She is an American Actress born on 6 April 1948 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Lauren Ridloff was born Deaf to hearing parents making her the first Deaf actress to ever feature in Marvel movies. Lauren Ridloff is 43 years old.

She was born Lauren Teruel and later changed her last name to Ridloff after marrying Doughlas Ridloff in 2006. Her father Hugo Teruel was a counselor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her mother was an artist. She spent her younger days in a community area of Hyde Park.

Lauren has 2 angelic sons Levi Sol Ridloff and Wyatt Che Ridloff. Both of her children are born deaf.

Lauren Ridloff Personal Details

  • Height – 1.5 m or 5 ft 2 in
  • Weight – 52 kg or 114 lbs
  • Lauren Ridloff Age – 43 year
  • Date of Birth – April 6, 1978
  • Gender – Female
  • Nationality – USA
  • Ethnicity – African American
  • Religion – Catholic Christian

Lauren Ridloff Education

When Lauren was 2 years old, her parents found out that Lauren Ridloff is deaf. For her welfare of her, they learned sign language with her, and then her parents decided to enroll her in Catholic School with Hearing Children, where she performed beyond expectations.

After spending several years in the Catholic School, she was sent to Model Secondary School for Deaf in Washington D.C. In the Model Secondary School, she actively participated in dramas which led to the foundation of her love towards acting, even after being deaf. She also became one of the first American deaf Cheerleaders to compete internationally.

Lauren Ridloff attended California State University, Northridge for the sake of her future studies. She later competed for the title of Miss Deaf America Competition organized by the National Association of Deaf and she won the title.

After her beautiful days at CSU, she decided to attend Hunter College in New York with the ambition to become a children’s author.

Lauren Ridloff Acting Career

Lauren Ridloff began her acting career with the role of the superpowered agent in the movie Sign Gene: The First Deaf Superheroes in the year 2017. Then she appeared in small roles in many films and theatre. Her breakthrough was being cast as Connie in the TV series The Walking Dead in 2018. Then she also appeared in another TV series New Amsterdam in the episode Happy Place as Margot.

She came into the spotlight again when she was cast as Makkari for the Marvel Phase V movie Eternals. She became the first deaf Superhero in any Marvel Movie. Her performance as Makkari in Marvel’s Eternals was extremely appreciated and loved by the audience.

In the year 2018, she was nominated for Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her play Children of a Lesser God. She was also nominated for the Drama League Award for Distinguished Performance for the very same play.

Lauren Ridloff Relationship

Lauren Ridloff has been living a normal and progressive life, she has never been involved in any sort of romantic affairs or controversy.

Lauren Ridloff married Douglas Ridloff who has been with her since her days in CSU. Both married on June 17, 2006. And has given birth to 2 angelic children who were unfortunately born deaf.

Lauren Ridloff husband’s Name is Douglas Ridloff.

Frequently Asked Questions Lauren Ridloff Biography

Was Lauren Ridloff born deaf?

Yes, Lauren Ridloff was born deaf to hearing parents.

Can Lauren Ridloff speak?

Yes, Lauren Ridloff can speak. But due to her inability to hear sounds, she is unable to access her vocal skills for conversations.

Is Lauren Ridloff mute in real life?

No, Lauren Ridloff is not mute in real life. she doesn’t use her vocal skills much as she is afraid of being judged by her vocal intelligibility.

Was Lauren Ridloff in legacies?

Yes, Lauren Ridloff was in the TV Series Legacies. She appeared in the episode ‘Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn’ as Dragon.

Is Makkari actress mute?

No, the Makkari actress is not mute, but she is born deaf. Makkari is played by Lauren Ridloff in Marvel’s Eternals by Chloe Zhao.

Is the girl in Eternals actually deaf?

Yes, the girl in Eternals is actually deaf. The deaf girl is Lauren Ridloff and she played the character of Makkari in the MCU.

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